At Ire Wel we recognise the necessity for responsible environmental awareness and environmental management within the company. Ire Wel operates under ISO 9001:2008 guidelines, on which our environmental management system is based.  We also manage and maintain our business under the company’s Waste Permit Licence requirements.  Both certification requirements are exceeded at Ire Wel and are constantly improved and maintained which continuously improves the company’s environmental status.

Ire Wel PalletsIre Wel source all raw material from sustainable managed forests that are FSC certified.

Ire Wel’s solid commitment to the protection of the environment together with the increasing importance of recycling and the requirement to comply with Waste Packaging regulations led Ire Wel to develop the Timber Waste Management Division.

The Division supports the company’s customers enabling them:

  • To reduce their costs
  • To comply with Waste and Packaging Regulations
  • To reduce their Carbon Footprint    
Why We Use Wood –
Wood is the world’s most environmentally friendly resource.  Trees have a positive effect on our ecosystems, as wood traps Co2 and purifies the air. It maintains Co2, even after it has been made into something new.  Wood is an infinite resource and it helps to maintain a sustainable and healthier world for human beings.  Choose wood, use wood, it’s the sustainable choice.