Industry 4.0 – Are We Ready?

As a business with innovation at its heart, the team at IWP are very excited about Industry 4.0 and ready to embrace all of the benefits it will bring for us and for our customers.

Hailed as “The Next Manufacturing Revolution”, Industry 4.0 describes the use of automation and data exchange in manufacturing and combines digital or cyber features with the physical creation or assembly of a product.

We have heard a lot of discussion around this new trend in our dealings across Europe. We are working hard on our own strategy here at IWP and intend to be fully prepared to take on any opportunities it produces.

Deloitte recently undertook research amongst industry executives to discover that most are aware to some degree of Industry 4.0 but that few are prepared – you can read the enlightening article here.

Industry 4.0

Graphic By Christoph Roser at – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,